Technology and New Technological Generation

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How technology affected our lives
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Today, technology plays a very big part in our lives. Everywhere we go, there is technology. Whatever we do, there is technology involved. It seems like we need technology in everything we do. We have been very dependent on technology even on the simple tasks that we need to do. Older generations always say that our generation is very lucky to have a great technology with us. We can now do our task s faster and easier. This saves us time and energy for more tasks that we have to do. There are many great ways on how technology affects our lives..


Doing research is becoming easier and easier. Before, older generations will go straight ahead to the library and look for books whenever their professor asked them to do some research. But now, whenever we are asked to research, we don't even consider going to the library to look for relevant information. All we do is search it on the internet. Google and Wikipedia can do the work for us.


I just watched the news last month and one of the headlines is that postal office, where we used to drop our snail mails are getting bankrupt because of technology. I would bet that a percentage of college students have never used snail mail to communicate to anyone. Aside from this, cellphones has made it so easy to communicate to everyone! Before there were telephones but it is not so handy since we just need to stay put whenever we are talking with someone. With cellphones, we can even do other tasks while talking to someone. Yeah talk about text and drive lol.

Aside from these 2 that I have mentioned, I know that there are many more ways community has helped us and made life a little bit easier to live. Technology has affected our lives in so many ways we cannot even imagine life without it. Can you imagine life without cellphones, ipods, computers etc? No, right? Technology has been a very big...
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