Technology and Its Role in Relationships

Topics: Communication, Mobile phone, Technology Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Technology and Its Role in Relationships
From the beginning of time, it has been human nature to improve upon things to better our society. It started off with the cavemen discovering fire and the creation of the wheel by the Mesopotamians. As decades pass by, our ways to improve our lifestyle have advanced, but with it comes the need for further communication devices. Speaking had lost its touch when certain audiences were not present. As humans, we felt the need to communicate with people from afar. Smoke signals were one of the first stepping stones of other means of communication outside of oral. Though it was useful, it was limited to the details of certain topics. Writing letters were a good way to communicate with people from afar. The drawback was that it took time and patience for a reply. Speeding up back to the present, we have more than enough ways to communicate. We have the telephone, the internet, cellular devices, and much more. Though with each technological device comes with it an additive to make us addicted to it. It consumes every pore of our life and the way in which we communicate. Gone are the eye to eye contacts with the person we are talking to. Gone are the expression in the voices and face. As our society advances in technological communications, we lose the closeness in relationships we have with other people. One of the most useful ways to spread information around in our society today is through the internet. From the internet, we have social networking sites. Sites like Facebook and Tumblr can help us communicate what it is we want to say to hundreds of people within seconds. The same goes to making a new friend. It takes just one click to add someone, anyone, to a person’s friend list. From networking sites, we can build multiple relationships. Since starting a new relationship is so simple, it is also easy to lose one. This won’t hinder people because they can just add a new friend to replace the old one. From this, people...

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