Technology and Its Impacts

Topics: Technology, Introduction, Management Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: September 8, 2010
Technology, in the past century has taken an explosive leap into society as a whole, engulfing our lives and organisations. Such technologies as machines for assembly lines, computers and of course just recently high speed internet connections. This introduction of new technologies has severely impacted organisations, which has caused managers to adapt accordingly. In doing so they are following a very innovative trend which may, in turn, put them in a spot of competitive advantage.

This issue has been quite controversial in many organisations over recent years. Numerous organisations have struggled with the introduction of machines to replace employees, for example one such organisation is Woolworths Pty Ltd.

Woolworths organisation has captured the essence of the technological era and in doing so has introduced a wide variety of innovative devices into most of its stores. For instance, over the past few decades communication approaches has developed rapidly which enables the organisation to strengthen its relationships with suppliers, customers and internal managers. Examples of new technology in the way of communication are the internet with high speed connections (Skype and Polycom for video conferencing), e-mail, and websites such as Amazon or Ebay for purchasing (this creates time as managers do not need to leave the office in order to purchase supplies). These are all examples of a positive impact that the introduction of new technologies has had on many organisations.

I speak purely from experience when I say that the introduction of new technologies has had a major impact on the Woolworths organisation and its employees. There are many positive aspects that come into play here, for instance the insertion of four (4) new 'self-serve' check-outs at the Echuca Woolworths store. This approach by management has created more efficiency and effectiveness in the way of customers paying for their groceries. This increases the productivity rate per hour...
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