Technology and Great Minds

Topics: Technology, Calculator, 2008 singles Pages: 1 (459 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever before in history. We are continually discovering more ways to do things faster and easier, and to make our lives more simple. It has taken many great minds to reach the point that we are at in our technological advances and our society. But the knowledge to make those advances didn’t just appear overnight, they had to work at it. All this advancement has really taken a toll on our society and our brains. As technology has advanced so has our total dependency on it to run our lives and our minds, which in the end will not turn out well. Nowadays we can do anything and everything online, on our phones, on our computers, or any other device. There is now no need to learn to write cursive, or write anything at all, there’s computers for that. Also there’s no need to have anything more than a basic knowledge of math, if even that. That’s what calculators are for. And if you need to know some fact or have a question answered, Google is always there for you. Even as this paper is being written there’s hardly a need to know how to spell anything more than basic words. You don’t even have to leave your house for anything at all. Anything you need can be delivered right to your door. You never even need to leave your computer desk. All of these things are great, but what happens when they just stop working? It may sound like a doomsday saying, but its bound to happen. Kids nowadays don’t know how to do anything but tap a screen to make things happen, type words on a computer, and punch numbers into a calculator. There’s some things that the internet and computers can’t teach. When we lose power there will be somethings that we simply won’t know how to do. We will have been so dependent on the technology we used every day that the world will be at a stand still. We will have to learn to live without it, but the question is: can we? As technology advances the biggest temptation is to just rely completely and entirely on...
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