Technology and Disadvantages

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Four Advantages and disadvantages of technologies and gadgets

Four Advantages and disadvantages of technologies and gadgets Article by Rodney Gordon
It is quite impossible to think of a life without technologies and gadgets. Technology can be defined as a process with the help of which human beings modify nature in order to meet their growing needs. Technology leads to innovations and inventions and one such invention is gadgets. There are so many varieties of gadgets that are designed to suit human needs. But the questions is, are there only advantages or there are disadvantages as well. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using new gadgets and technologies. Advantages of technologies and gadgets:

The advantages of new technologies and gadgets are discussed in the following lines. 1. Higher profit: New technologies can benefit your business in a number of ways. You can get higher profits as new technologies increase work efficiency, which in turn, increases productivity. Moreover, fewer work forces are needed as new technologies can automate the work thus reducing the costs more. 2. Fast access to information: You can get quick access to information with the help of computer and internet, two of the most popular technology and gadget in the present times. The ‘search engines’ on the internet help you find information on any topic that you’re looking for. 3. Increases communication: Gone are those days when you had to write letters in order to communicate with people staying far away. Nowadays, you can send e-mails and you get the reply within minutes. Moreover, you can also take help of ‘chat rooms’ to meet new people as well as to stay in touch with your old friends. 4. Speed up work: There are so many gadgets that help to speed up work. Right from household chores to office work, there are gadgets with the help of which you can increase your work efficiency. It helps you to do quite a number of things in relatively less time. Disadvantages of technologies and gadgets:

The disadvantages of new technologies and gadgets are discussed below – 1. Online fraud: When you use internet for online transactions, there is always a possibility of being a victim of online fraud. As for example, impostors may steal your credit card information and use them for their own monetary gain. 2. Dependency on gadgets: People are becoming mechanical as they are getting more and dependent on gadgets. Nowadays, human beings cannot do a simple work without taking help of a gadget. 3. Integrating new technology: It is often difficult to take a business related decision about whether to buy the latest technology or wait for some new invention. Moreover, implementing new technology in a business can be quite expensive; therefore, you need to decide whether or not you actually need it. Above all, integrating a new technology in a business is quite a difficult task in itself. 4. Technology related diseases: Human beings are becoming addicted to the new technologies and gadgets, especially, internet and computers. Moreover, young people are getting more and more addicted to mobile phones. Many scientists believe that radiation from mobile phones may cause blurring vision, headaches and earaches and may be the reason of cancer, too. Therefore, it can be concluded that there are both advantages and disadvantages of using new technologies and gadgets and it depends on mankind how they want to use them. About the Author

Rodney Gordon has been working as a contributing author on various topics like- technologies and gadgets, arts and culture, search engine marketing, business and finance, education, entertainment, Internet, sports and leisure for about two years. n the current time people can't imagine their life without technology. Surrounding us various technologies are helping people to live their life with more luxury. The technology sector has changed and developed many...
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