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I imagine the world without modern technology, as world that is stuck in the past. Technology has made life easier or has it? The dependency of people to technology can be seen during brown out or power failure in a certain place. During brown outs or black outs, especially here in the Philippines, people usually panic, especially the youth. Some may not know it but people can’t seem to cope up without their cell phones (as it soon losses battery) or their computers. It shows signs of addiction. For many people, the thought of being out of contact for even an hour is unbearable. If being connected takes up more of your time and it becomes the preferred activity in your life to the exclusion of everything else, that’s the surest warning signal that something is not quite right. The world without modern technology can be imagined as a world during the time when people rely more on nature to survive. Since they depend more on nature, they give more importance in taking care of it. Technological development has produced a threat in the destruction of earth as it develops fearful weapons of war. The world without modern technology could also be a time where there is no advancement in medicine and in economy. Technology has brought numerous material advantages in nearly every aspect of life. The use of machines, fertilizers, pesticides, and improved seeds has increased the food supply and nutrition for much of the world’s population. Advancements in medical science have resulted in better health and a longer life span for many. The automobile and the airplane, along with developments in electronics, computers, and satellites, have made it possible for people to travel and to communicate with others around the world with relative ease. Technology has eliminated much of the drudgery and labor both at work and at home. Although there are benefits in modern technology, some developments may aggravate rather than solve many social and environmental problems. We cannot...
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