Technical Revolution and Social Change

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Technology development o and social change

Human society has been changed by technical revolutions for three times, every revolutions pushed the social productivity develop faster. After 1870s, the development of science and technology get faster and faster, more kinds of new technologies and new inventions came out and also they were applied on industrial development, and the development of productivity and economy was promoted,especially the 3rd industrial revolution,

people invent and apply the bioengineering, pace technology, atomic energy, and electronic computer to promote revolution of human social economy, polity and culture, and bring the prosperous scene to human society.

High-tech is the result of modern science technology development. It promote the development of productivity, accelerate the Revolution of society, change appearance of humility society, so, high -tech has positive influence to human society.

First of all, high- tech promote the speed of social productivity. People use the high- tech to turn the traditional production mode to modern production mode. Modern production mode improve the level of production automation. Modern production mode have the features: low- pollution, low-consumption and high-technical content. Modern production mode economize manpower and Material, reduce the cost of production, improve quality of production and also enhance the productivity. The production can’t be produce can be produced by high- tech way in modern world. In 2000s, the GDP of America reaches 99631 hundred millions and is on top of the world ; Japan and Germany’s also reach 47496 hundred millions and 18724 hundred millions. According someone account, in modern, the production and wealth made by one country in one year is more than the same country work for several years in the 19 century. It shows how influential the high- tech is for the society. (technology change society / 2012)

High-tech improves the physical...
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