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300 word minimum essay (with 2 references) about: Technology has made our lives easier. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

We have become overly dependent on technology, and it is isolating us from each other. While technology has improved our lives, we are becoming more and more dependent upon it. More and more people are relying on information from the Internet, relying on AI and smartphones, and I see more and more people becoming isolated from each other because of a false sense of connection, due to social media. If we have a major black-out or world crisis, it will be interesting to see how people survive without their technology.

it has improved our lives because we use technology in our everyday lives but in a way people have become too dependent on technology.

Technology is in everything and everywhere. It's in your house, your school, in stores, and even at the park. We use some form of technology in almost everything we do, yet we've never noticed. Technology is all around us.

Advances in technology has improved our lives. We are living longer and enjoying it more, because of technology. Medical technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Computer/Internet technology has revolutionized the way we process information and do business.

With the advancement of technology, people are open to many grey areas in life. In the past, trains and planes are not available to everyone, so people are not able to see different parts of the world. Even though there was ships, horses etc. kind of transport, they still posses a great risk when in usage. So in the modern age technology has taken a great leap to give us safe and accessible mode of transport to other parts of the world.

Tech is the answer as long as society is educated. The most important thing is scientific progress, that's the only thing that can solve or current problems. We build companies like Ford, Microsoft, and Boeing. Investment in science today is our place of employment of...
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