Take a variety of courses outside their field

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Universities should require every student to take a variety of courses outside the student's field of study.

Should learing in university be universal or simply unified? Although focusing on certain major could guarantee the depth of expertise, selecting a variety of subjects outside a student’s field of study would provide more options for creative thought, and one's future career could be based on such diverse learning. So, looking more to the future of young studens, I tend to support diversifided selection of course, though some professors and universities may hold hte opposite opinion.

College students are yongsters aging from 18 to 35. An undergraduate fresh person, having just passed the standardized SAT test, must go wild learning throughout various distinct departments to check out whether the major he or she is in now matches his or her own talent and interest. This searching could be extended to sophomore year students if this student were still not sure about where the directon is. Graduate students in Maryland or Sloan should have some focus on remote sensing, environment or accounting. Even so, they nevertheless maintain the right and chance to look outside at culture, arts, psychology and physics, which might in a new way solve the problems in their field.

From the perspective of teachers, not all teachers or professors may be experts and outstanding performers on certain area. Therefore, students need to take a variety of courses outside their field of study to broaden their horizons.

Universities often operate on different principles and these differences may on this same issue yield disinct judgments. Private owned universities, are responsible for the future elites and also for thir generous donation thereafter. Therefor, in such college rarely could we imagine the school board would insis on not permitting student to learn courses outside one's major, but right inside one's talent given. A fresh and sophomore student at...
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