Synthesizing Love in La and Evline and a Rose for Emily

Topics: Short story, Rhetoric, Essay Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: February 24, 2013
English 102 F/W
Rich Miller
Spring 2013

Essay #1 Assignment Sheet

For this essay I would like you to build up on the idea of “synthesis” that we have been talking about in discussing stories. Don’t be thrown off or think there is any magic or secret to “synthesizing” in an essay. Simply said, a synthesis essay uses two or more sources and combines their ideas into a coherent whole. I am going to push your critical thinking further here in requiring that your thesis help illuminate your sources in a way that no one source can do alone.

The Assignment
Select three short stories and compose a synthesis essay that brings new understanding to each essay and categorizes the three essays as a whole in light of a critical concept such at theme or tone or characterization.

More Synthesis Discussion
Creating your argument and making the short stories work together to form a new meaning is the key for a for a top score in Essay #1. For example, when discussing “A & P” the narrator Sammy expresses a certain view of the world as he leaves the store in the end; similarly, Jake from “Love in L.A.” expresses a worldview as he drives away in the end of his story. A synthesis essay using these two sources might look critically at these two stories and how they conclude and discuss how both endings may be understood together using an overarching idea or thesis. This overarching idea or thesis then “connects” the two stories but also creates or “synthesizes” a new and greater point of view that explains both stories in a way neither can do alone. For example, referring to Jake and Sammy, a writer may ague that both characters are struggling with the idea of freedom and such struggles play a significant part in a person’s view of the world. As young mean, then, Jake and Sammy both struggle with the idea of freedom in the face of romance (in Mariana and Queenie, respectively) and the limits of employment (a store clerk, and an unemployed...

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