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Term: 20121 – Session 1 -South Campus
August 24, 2012–December 17, 2012
Broward College
College Success Skills
SLS1501 – 1 College Credit
Course Syllabi

Professor: Doretha Dancy-PrattTerm: Fall 20121 -Ref: #436744 Office Location: Bldg. 71- Room 105Day: Tuesday 2:00 P.M.- 2:50 P.M. Office Phone: (954) 201-8986Class Location: TBA Bldg: 69 Room: 126 Email: dpratt@broward.eduBC Emergency Hot Line (954) 201-4400 Office Hours: 15 Min. Before/After Class

Required Text and Support Materials:
Student Success & Career Development (Brief Sixth Edition) Author: Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, & Sarah Lyman Kravits Publisher: Pearson
Broward College Catalog (available in Registration or online) Broward College Student Handbook (available in Student Life) 1 Colored Folder, 24 Dividers, Pens, Pencils, Highlighter, Scantron Forms and Valid BC Student Email

Course Description:
This course is designed primarily for freshman students. This course serves as an introduction to Broward College and assists students in coping with challenges for college life, clarifying their goals, learning strategies and skills that will help them succeed in college, career, and life.

Learning Outcome Results:
By the end of the semester, students will be able to:
*Understand responsibility for creating a successful college experience. *Connect with resources that support their academic, career and personal goals. *Demonstrate familiarity with college organizations, regulations, rules, and support services. *Develop a personal academic plan.

*Set, pursue, and achieve academic and personal goals.
*Manage time more efficiently to reduce stress.
*Become more culturally competent
*Learn communication and conflict resolution strategies.
*Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.
*Read a textbook with improved understanding and retention.
*Listen with comprehension, to a lecture.
*Take effective notes.
*Prepare for and take tests.
*Assess and improve general wellness habits.
*Explore career possibilities and aptitudes.

Instructional Methodology:
Because of the interactive nature of this course, a variety of instructional methodology will be used including but not limited to: lectures, group discussions, group activities, guest speakers, exploration activities, and the use of computer and web functions: Students will have an opportunity to tap into their creativity to further enrich learning.

Cell Phones:
Cell Phones and texting are not allowed in class which means I do not want to see your cell phones during class time. Make your family and friends aware of your class time. You are not to be going in and out of class to talk on your cell phone. If so, I am going to ask you to leave class and mark you absent.

Special note:
Your syllabus is a legal binding contract between you and your instructor and may be subject to change.

College Policy:
Code of Conduct: All students should review and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct manual that is found at:
Rules and regulations are located in the handbook. You are in college. You will be treated and respected as an adult. Discipline problems are not tolerated. ANY discipline problem will be dealt with swiftly and permanently. First a conference will be held with the professor. Second, if behavior continues you will be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs. Third, if behavior in class is at the point of no control, security will be called to remove you from the class.

Realizing that student success in college is largely dependant on attending class, it is imperative that you make an effort to attend every class. On certain occasions, circumstances may arise such as sickness, family issues, childcare and unavoidable transportation problems. In such cases it is your responsibility to contact the instructor. Students will...
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