SWOT Analysis of Marketing

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This paper I will discuss the SWOT analysis of McKendree University. It has been said that the time given to achieve a class while at this university is not lengthy and is a disadvantage. However, the university offers different professional programs to develop students within the allotted time and still create a culture of experiences and campus life beyond the classroom. This would also create an environment supportive of attending McKendree University after military obligations and raising a family. SWOT Analysis Chart

Ability to take one class per month
Classroom hours are in the evening
Most classes are 2-3 days a week
Average classroom size is 14
Military friendly schoolWeakness
Classes are a faster pace
Classes may interfere with family life
Limited classroom interaction time
Structure of classes
Homework and tests weekly
High quality of education
Prepares you for leadership roles
Able to attend school and be a family
Formulates a better life after service
Makes you competitive amongst peersThreats
Jobs market

During my time at the university, I have come to realize a few advantages of taking classes during and after my military service. Taking one class a month helps in getting back into the school rhythm and mindset especially after being out of school for over 15 years. It assists in not being overwhelmed with your studies and it gives you a great opportunity to concentrate on one class a month while trying to juggle your family duties. Our families are our priority and attending classes in the evening hours makes it so much easier to try to balance our class with whatever commitments we have in the evening and weekends. Military service can sometimes be a distractor but as long as you manage your time and personnel at work, you are able to attend your evening classes 2-3 times a week. Most classes have an attendance of an average of 14 students. This gives you an opportunity to have more one on one time with your instructor whenever you do not understand an assignment or fail to attend a session. The ability to contact your instructor via email or on blackboard is a valuable asset and is crucial with their response time due to the amount of emails and students available for that period. Another advantage in attending McKendree University is the ability to work with the military hand in hand to make your college experience a success. Upon my registration, I provided the front office with all the necessary paperwork and transcripts from my military service and with that my advisor was able to get me registered and get me in the right program that fits my past or current desires. Giving my disabilities, they were able to work with my Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to ensure that all paperwork and funds were submitted and available. Thus having no control over any of the administration portion. Making it easier for me to concentrate on my transition into college life. Weakness

Unfortunately, I feel there are some weaknesses associated with the university. One may experience the fast pace classes due to time constraints. This could be overwhelming for a student who has difficulty in adjusting to college life. Once you fall behind in your schoolwork, it is only a matter of time before it begins to affect your personal time with your family. Having a class per month not only will be fast pace but you will experience an exam weekly therefore, it can be overwhelming. At McKendree University, you may take classes as they become available for your major. This is unfair for the college student who has a difficult time transitioning to college life. Mainly, because your core classes, (English, history or math) is not always available and that is where your basic studies will come from therefore, having missed good study habits and techniques....

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