Survey Results

Topics: Drink, Drinking, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 8 (134 words) Published: November 19, 2014
Survey Results

1. Do you like drinking beverages?

2. How often do you drink beverages in a day?

3. Do you use any beverage container?

4. What kind of beverage container do you use?

5. How much do you usually spend in buying a beverage container?

6. Do you use a Tumbler?

7. Please rate the importance of the following aspects that you consider in buying a beverage container (especially tumbler).



Brand name

Value for Money

8. Will you be interested in buying a Tumbler with multiple features?

9. What qualities, features, and specifications would you expect to see in our Toumble? (Toumble is a tumbler that is a BPA free, has a built-in heater, automatic mixer/shaker, with a double wall vacuum insulated and is leak proof)

10. How much are you willing to pay for Toumble?


Personal Monthly Income:
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