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Topics: University, Student, High school Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: February 27, 2014
To: Southern University
From: Jeremy Jones, Devon Dupas, Alexis Jackson , Yasin Pierce Date:  February 24, 2014
Subject: Proposal for Improving Relationships between Student and Adviser  

 Statement of Objective

Graduation rates and retention rates have gradually been declining at Southern University. According to Sudar Kumar Trivedi, in 2012-13, enrollment decreased to 5,934 from 6,993 in 2010-11.  Students can partially be the blame for this and the university as well. Many students have blatantly shown their frustrations to other students about taking classes that were not needed. One of the main reason for this is the lack of advisory students have received. Student's and adviser’s relationship have the tendencies to diminish after their freshman year. Many students neglect their advisers when going through the trials and tribulations of being college student. The student's relationship between his/her advisor needs improvement. Many students are taking classes that are not needed and are not graduating on time. Students are also graduating with no internship experience because of the lack of mentorship the students have received throughout their tenure at Southern University. Students are more likely to transfer and attend an alternative university which may offer the courses which is needed and more opportunities upon graduation. Our main objectives are to increase graduation rates, student retention, and a plan that will successfully improve the student/ advisor relationship.

Plan of Work
The solution to this problem is to implement a policy where all students are required to meet with their counselors three to five times a semester for an evaluation. Advisors can discuss internships opportunities, curriculum, jobs, building resume and many other things. Even if it’s just a brief conversation, the short conversation can have a great impact on a student’s direction. Secondly, advisers could input a small evaluation at the end of semester or...
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