Study Two University at the Same Time

Topics: Nutrition, Academic degree, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (257 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Journal 1
Name: Sath Kok Ann
Lecturer: Sok Chanthou
Class: E1.2 (DIS)
Paragraph Type: Disadvantages
Date: 10/11/2011

Studying Two Universities At The Same Time

Since study only one university is not attractive anymore, because it is too simple and

provides less benefit too. So these day, almost all undergraduate students or just graduated

from high school are ambitious by choose to attend two universities at the same time,

because they think they could hold two bachelor degrees at the same time after they

graduate. In hindrance, this may not provides any benefit but just bad influences to their

health, time, education and money. Especially, it would provides them “Stress”,

that could badly affects their study. Moreover, participating in two colleges at the same time

will face health issue, because most students will not eat punctually as they used to, and

sometimes they might have ate some unhealthy food or fast food or could be junk food

outside, that could cause them a serious health problem. Theoretically, students would face

up to busy and critically hard assignments from both universities. Unfortunately, sometimes

the deadline of the assignments might be the same, and for sure, that will make them feel

stress and couldn’t pay attention or absorb the education well during class. In brief, taking

two universities at the same time is not an option for those who are unhealthy and unable to

manage their time probably. But if they are stubborn and really want to participate in it, they

should balanced it equally beforehand.
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