Students Consciousness Towards Littering in Pacific Adventist University

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Jacinta Kaupa
Aim : The aim of this survey was to find out how conscious the students are towards littering.

Pacific Adventist University is an institution where people from all over the Pacific, Papua New Guinea and other parts of the world come to learn and get educated. Indeed it is the most beautiful place in Papua New Guinea as most critics say. This is because of the landscape and the well preserved lawn with the variety of birds and the lakes. However, it is not as beautiful as many people think when speaking of littering. There are times when you will see a lot of rubbish under the table, on the flower beds and on the foot path. This report will give us information on the behaviors of the student consciousness towards littering in Pacific Adventist University.

Literature review

Research has found that people litter when someone (who cares) is not witnessing (Cialdini, et al,. 1981:254). This is obvious that the person is very cautious about being caught. This person knows actually what he or she is doing. Such action leads to a conclusion where littering is stated as a measure of attitude (Cialdini, et al,. 1981:254). Littering can also spoil a good picture (Argyrou, 1997:160) and turn it into something that is totally opposite to what is expected. It also indicates that a society is not functioning well(Namosuaia, 30 March 2012). There are some bad effects or disadvantage of littering,Buchamann (03 April 2012) agreed by saying that “Littering on the main street… causes a lot of public health concern, and social problem.” Such problems can be solved by implementing some ideas. Here is a suggestion made by Dobbs (1991:221) that littering can be minimize by charging (tell the person who litter to pay a certain amount of money for what he has done) those who litter. Littering can also be minimized by educating others on how to care for the environment.

Asurvey was carried out regarding students’ behavior in littering (rubbish like paper, plastics, bottles etc.) on PAU campus.


The participants included 18 individuals, all students from the School of Science and Technology, School of Arts and Humanities, School of Business, School of Education and School of Theology, School of Health Science. They were defined according to their gender, marital status, year and school. Several statements were made regarding littering in the Pacific Adventist University campus and they were to give their answers in terms of the level of agreement (strongly disagree, disagree, agree and strongly agree). After that they were to comment. This was actually in the form of a questionnaire.


1I am bothered when I see litters on campus10413
2Seeing litter does not have any impact on me13500
3I am concerned about environmental matters00513
4I unconsciously dropped litter at times6093
5I value a litter free environment11016
6When I see litter I stop to pick it up02151
7I drop litter in rubbish bins0099
8I tell my friends to keep PAU litter free00117

Statement 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are all regarding the good behavior of students towards littering and statement 2 and 4 are referring to the bad behavior of students regarding littering.


Most comment that PAU promotes clean and healthy environment and therefore they think that students’ should maintain the cleanliness. One said, “Cleanliness in next to godliness,” it will help prevent sickness and harmful diseases. They also suggest that rubbish bins should be placed both inside and outside classrooms/building. Some complain that most of the littering in the campus is caused by the day students. They...
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