Student Veteran

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Soe Tun
English 103
Professor: Lucero
Date: November 7, 2014
Student Veteran
No matter who you are, where you’re from, what your job, and how old are you, every single person in the universe has the right to persuade the education as they wish. As the war of Iraq ended and budget cutting for military spending, thousands of newly discharged soldiers are thinking about what to do next. Most of the soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors joined the military before their 21st birthday, and it’s often the only job they’ve ever held. So, most of them are deciding to go back to school for their education. In the article of “The veterans are coming! The veterans are coming!” by Edward F. Palm, he states that It is good to know that after the soldiers come from war some of the veterans are ready for a post-secondary education. Palm gives advice to teachers and staff from college and universities on how to treat veterans on campuses. Edward Palm uses personal stories and gives some advice that helps veterans feel confident when they go back to school; also, Palm makes readers believe his credibility by employing pathos and ethos appeal combined with friendly and proud tone that creates and affective argument. After reading “The veterans are coming! The veterans are coming!”, I agreed that student veteran in the college is feeling very alone on the campus. We should have treated them with respect and normal like any other students, and college and university should have educated students how to treat with Veteran student.

Student veteran in the college can be very autistic. When the service member is discharged from the military, they feel the separation and disorientation with the society. It is because they just spent the last several years inextricably tied to military type of social system, whether it was a brigade, battalion, company, platoon, squad, team, or just one on one with a battle buddy. During those years, solitude was rare. Now, suddenly they’re no longer attached to those systems, and the feeling of vulnerability can be terrifying. The loss of friendships, purpose, identity, structure, and income is enough to push most people to their limits. Now they are in the college society, which is completely different social system that bears no resemblance to military and command free society. Moreover, student veterans are also older and more experienced than their freshman peers, which helps them keep things in perspective and not sweat the small stuff. They can, and do, manage huge amounts of pain, both physical and mental, without complaint. But consequently, they also bristle at trivial matters called “crises” by others, and scorn the frequent self-absorption of their peers. They often see most civilian students as not emotionally strong enough to be their friends. So, they usually isolate themselves in school. Additionally, we need to treat student veterans with respect and normal like any other students on the campus. We need to put a lot of patients to communicate with student veteran. I have a personal experience with the student veteran when I took my chemistry class two years ago. He is one of my classmates in chemistry class. He is a return solider from Afghanistan, when President Obama ended the Afghanistan war in 2008. He lost the ability of hearing in the war. My first impression of him thought that he is only one the disable students on campus. I can feel he is so shy, fear and low self-esteem around the class because I saw him, he is setting at the corner with his deaf interpreter. I thought his low self-esteem is only coming from his disabilities, but I never anticipated that he is one of the return solider. Then, in the first day of the chemistry laboratory, we need to choose the group to do all the experiment together for the whole semester. Most of the students have their own group with their friends, but I did not any friends because I am a college freshman. So, I formed a group with him and...

Cited: Edward F. Palm. “The Veterans Are Coming! The Veterans Are Coming!” Everything’s an Argument with Reading. 6th Ed. Andrea A. Lunsford, John J. Ruszkiewicz and Keith Walters. Boston, New York Bedford/ St. Marthin’s 2013. 788-794. Print.
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