Student Performance in College Cause and effect paper

Topics: University, Education, Higher education Pages: 4 (784 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Kelsey Sanford
Mrs. Koontz
English 1101
29 October 2014
Student Performance
Students in today’s college world are more serious about how they are spending their time on education. In today’s time there is a lot of competition to get into schools, and with that students try anything to get in and get the highest degree possible. Students are going out to find their place in this world and obtain many scholarships to help them achieve a successful future, and in doing all this they are gaining their own independence with the choice they make in college. Every person gets asked “What do they want to be when they grow up?” When entering college he or she must finally answer that question because that is when he or she finds out what they are supposed to be in this world. “The reality is that most parents feel out of their depth when advising their children about which career path to take”, says Natalie Rabson, "Many parents are also only comfortable discussing careers they are already familiar with. Often the discovery process of choosing a career path becomes a forced event, and not an inspired expedition that stimulates your child to think seriously about their future career aspirations.” His or her future could depend on the courses they chose to take, and how high of a degree they obtain. In order for them to achieve the success they want, they must take the required classes and even some extra classes to make them looked more advanced than others competing in the same field.

Students entering college typically try to receive as many scholarships as possible because without them they would not even be able to attend college. Most of the people applying for the grants and scholarships need them to even consider going to college. Getting accepted for one of these endowments can really open the door for the lower classes of America. Eric from MDRC states that America faces a two-pronged problem in higher education: increasing costs and low completion...

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