student management system

Topics: University, Student, Data management Pages: 3 (635 words) Published: December 3, 2013
A Student management is a very important part of university management, and according to the actual situation of the school work, student management system can not only improve the efficiency of staff and students, but can also be a time and resources saver. In this project, object oriented design methods are applied to the development of the system. The author will use Rational Rose UML modeling to complete the requirement analysis of the student management system, and the functionality and performance analysis.

1.1 Introduction
In recent years, with the growth of colleges and universities across the globe, the number of students is also increasing exponentially, which is sure to bring university management a great deal of stress. University student management as relevant part of university management, and its significance cannot be ignored. Therefore how to ease the stress on university management as the number of university students increases has been a problem that we have to face. With the continuous development and improvement of computer technology and the growth of the Internet technology, Information Technology is rapidly spreading into various fields of human social life and plays an increasingly significant role. Student management system is an information system that can do various types of data collection, storage, processing, transformation and transmission. It is the application of IT in the field of teaching management. An efficient student management system is not only for the smooth development of the university management to provide favorable conditions, but also plays an important role to improve the quality of tertiary Education. 1.2 Problem statement

Misuse of resources, be it human or material can have great effect on any nations’ socio-political and economic development (Annam, 2010). In the following paragraphs, the author presents problems associated with the manual...
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