Student Information System of Benguet Phil.

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Online Student Information System
of Benguet State University
(OSIS-BSU), Philippines

Marrero (2009) in his study entitled “Student Information System for the University of the Cordilleras” stressed that the concept of Information Systems (IS) emerged in the early 1960s. More often, when information system is defined, the field Information Science is always associated, IS is an academic field that deals with the generation, collection, organization, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of recorded knowledge. Furthermore, it is a collection of related components designed to support operations, management, and decision making in an organization. Generally, IS is supposed to inform people. Information System supports people or users in making intelligent decisions based upon the information derived from reliable data.

MIT (2009) gave emphasis that Student Information System (SIS) provides students with access to their academic and biographic records as well as the ability to update their address information and pre‐ register for classes; it provides instructors and departmental administrators with class list information; and provides advisors and departments with access to the individual academic records of their students. Therefore, SIS is an integrated approach in acquiring, storing, analyzing and controlling the flow of student data throughout the institution. Highly developed SIS can be useful in nearly all institutional departments’ functions and can greatly increase efficiency and response times of traditional labor and time‐intensive processing of student data.

According to Evangelista(2008) the university’s Student Information System (SIS) of Nueva Vizcaya State University is a secure, web accessible interactive computer system that allows user access to grade reports, transcripts, schedule of classes, and remaining balance for the semester and register for classes online. Through the system, students would be assigned a unique...
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