Student Information System

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Chapter 1
With the increasing effect of globalization and technology, organizations have started to use information systems in various functions and departments in the last decades. The existence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has provided significant changes in the areas like business, science and education. The rapid development of ICT has affected the way people live and work. It minimizes the amount of time to accomplish a work as well as maximizing the capacity of a human resulting to multiple jobs and high productivity. In education, the obvious advantages according to Thielke and Vincenzi (2001) are the universal access to information and easy updating and linking to other resources of information. Nowadays, ICT is used to accelerate progress towards education and is widely integrated in the learning process. But aside from that it can also be used along with other educational activities like enrolment, payroll, inventory of school facilities and books, and the grading system. For example, the manual enrolment process could be slow and time consuming when it comes to assessment, updating and generating of records. Before a student can be registered in a subject, he/she needs to be classified as a regular or irregular student. Confirmation of payment is also needed for the scheduling. Keeping and finding these records can be done manually but it would be time consuming. Also records in paper form are hard to be accessed by multiple persons. With this an ICT in the form of a Student Information System would be helpful. The system would provide the enrolment process quick access to the status of the student according to previous grades. It can also input the payment of the students during the enrolment and organize the subjects the student will be taking. It can also manage the number of slots available per subject. Scheduling entails establishing timetables or schedules. Schedules always been...
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