stress on a college student

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Stressed Out College Students
Ever feel over exhausted, depressed, sleep deprived, while rushing to turn in a term paper? Stress is a major issue facing several college students. Stress can be caused by family responsibilities, financial obligations, time management, and peer pressure. The effects of stress can lead to physical difficulties, irresponsible decisions, poor choices in relationships, emotional and mental drain.

Students may experience financial stress for a variety of reasons. The most common is due to the cost of attending college. Other possible sources of financial stress include unforeseen emergencies like a hospital bill or car accident. As most students generally have few savings, they do not have money to pay for unexpected expenses. A parent may also lose a job and be unable to contribute to their childs education, increasing a students responsibility for paying for their college expenses. Most students work while they are trying to obtain academic excellence in school. Students may also experience stress from balancing their school and work responsibilities. This affects how the student deals with attending college. It can interfere with the cost of books, necessities, emergency costs and everyday costs. Therefore this adds a tremendous stressor to the everyday life of an individual. A student can feel sleep deprived or even physical drain due to their hectic schedule.

Family responsibilities can be the number one cause of stress in a college student. Changes in family structure may present stress during this time, including issues such as parent’s divorce, moving out of parents home, or having kids of their own. Feelings of acceptance by parents are not only linked to health-risk behaviors, the feelings are also linked to the adjustment of college life and academic achievement. For example, the demand of family to have the constant attention and time of a student, causes the time spent tending to the need of the family could be...

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