Stress on College Students

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Stress in College
Every person will experience some degree of stress in his or her life. Stress can be healthy. Stress can make a person feel hopeless, helpless, and powerless. Constant worry about Problems can cause a diversity of physical symptoms. Some people face stress more than Others do. College students deal with stress each stage of courses. Gender, age, and finance Is a major influence on how a person experience stress in college. Bettina (2001) conducted research on stress stating, ‘’coping strategies used by adolescents Prove that boys use more problems oriented, and direct action approaches to stress. Bettina (2001) says, ‘’Girls use passive and seeking strategies to cope with stress’’. Women like to talk About their stress with others and try to find friends to be of assistance to them. Men will Put unwanted energy into doing energetic things similar to sports, working or television. In the Majority of households, girls are encouraged to converse feelings more than boys. Venting to Someone can help keep away from the sensation that stress is overpowering. Aid-win, Sutton, and Lachman (1996) studied whether stressful episodes provide content to the Development of coping resources and reported,’’ 81.9% of men reported solving recent Problems by using prior coping strategies gained through encountering problems in their lives, Work, and family’’.

As a person gets older, he or she is capable to cope with stress better. An older person will Find ways to minimize excitement and energy levels. A returning student, will tend to know Exactly what he or she wants to do with his or her future? Having insight into your future makes People more focus. Returning students do not have the need to quench any curiosity with doing anything that will stray from their vision. When a student is eighteen years old recently out of high school, your mentality is different. A younger student is not sure of what he or wants to do. A new student...
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