Stress Is a Common Problem Among University Students.

Topics: Student, Self-awareness, Emotional intelligence Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Stress is a normal phenomenon in university life. It is an accepted fact that stress is a common problem for university students of different ages, disciplines of study, and social and economic backgrounds. Furthermore, research has shown that stress has negative impact and effects on an individual’s health and lifestyle. In view of these situations, it is essential and necessary for university students to know how they can mange stress effectively. In my opinion, there are three ways that can effectively reduce or eliminate stress. All these ways are inter related and bring about the maximum positive impact to deal with stress effectively. The first way is related to self awareness, self realization and acceptance of stress. These qualities build a foundation that will positively nurture the appropriate mindset and emotional attitude to deal with stress in realistic ways. The student must be aware, realize and accept the fact that he or she is experiencing stress. Such awareness, realization and acceptance are strong contributory factors to alert, motivate and initiate the student to think seriously of the nature, possible causes and potential consequences of the stress he or she is experiencing. The attention given to these issues is a strong catalyst to direct the student to want work out the solutions to deal with the problem or situation or people that generate the stress. Self awareness, self realization and self acceptance of stress will generate in students the need to confront stress with the right, positive, mental and emotional attitude. The second way that can help university students manage stress effectively is to educate and equip themselves with knowledge and relevant information on approaches, methods and techniques on how to identify the symptoms of various types of stress and stress related factors. For example, they can learn more about the causes and effects of stress on health, personality and lifestyle. Being...
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