Son of Sam

Topics: David Berkowitz, Jimmy Breslin, Summer of Sam Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The "Son of Sam" was born Richard David Falco to Betty Broder. His mother had him out of wedlock when she had an affair with a married real-estate agent named Joseph Kleinman. She named him Falco after her married name - her husband Tony Falco had left her and her daughter Roslyn a few years before that. His mother gave him up for adoption to Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz who named him David Berkowitz. When he was rejected by his birth mother, this caused David to develop an inferiority complex especially with women and this made him think he was unappealing to them. At the age of 7, he scored 118 on an IQ test. At the age of 21, he scored 110 on an IQ test. Both scores indicate above average intelligence. He worked as a postman and a security guard. In 1974 he 'heard voices' in his head that ordered him to kill. He began to blame these voices on his neighbor Sam Carr's black Labrador that kept him up at night by its barking. Berkowitz told police he believed that Sam was a "high demon" who transmitted his powers to him through the black Labrador retriever. Berkowitz also now claims he participated in a satanic cult that was behind the killings. He would send hate letters to Carr and in April 1977 even shot and wounded the dog. On July 29, 1976, he killed his first official victim. Donna Lauria, 18 and her friend, Jody Valenti,19 were sitting outside of Donna's house when a man approach them quickly firing off three rounds. The first hitting Donna in the chest, killing her instantly, second shot struck Jody in the thigh, and third missing them both. The second attack was on October 23, 1976, Carl Denaro,25, was shot in head but survived and Rosemary Keenum,38, escaped with only cuts and scrapes from the exploding car windows when Berkowitz shot at them. The third attack took place on November 26, 1976. Donna MeMasi and Joanne Lomino were both shot but Lomino was left paralyzed. On January 30, 1977, an engaged couple, Christine Freurnd, 26, and John...
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