Some People Think High School Students Should Take a Year to Work or Travel Before Going at University

Topics: University, Human Development Index, Developed country Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Some people think high school students should take a year to work or travel before going at university. Some people believe that students should work or travel for a year before going at university,in my opinion I totally agree. Experiencing the world of work expands the mind. The experience will help us to see how the various aspects of college education relate to each other and to life outside of college. The richness of experience will powerfully inform your academic work. First I`ll talk about advantages and disadnvantages of one year working or travelling before going at university.There are a lot of advantages,but also there are some disadvantages.I think that we should work a certain period before going at university,because we`ll earn money to pay our education.Most of the student`s cant go at university because their parents are in bad financial situation.But If they work a certain period they`ll earn enough money for going at university also they`ll gain experience that will help them when they`ll decide to find a job. On the other hand they will learn how to live independently without assistance from parents, and how to face the challenges of life. Furthermore students could find out what they want in life, they could become single-minded, focused and motivated enough to achieve their aims. When they would start studying, they would be motivated to learn in order to attain the goals they have set, thus they will benefit from their travel experience. Another advantage of spending a year traveling between school and university is that students would be able to develop certain skills which will be very helpful for their further life. Students would learn to take responsibilities since they would be on their own in a foreign country where they would not be able to rely on others like they did at home. Whenever they would struggle with issues, they would have to solve the problems on their own; therefore the students would become more independent and aware...
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