Some People Believe That University Students Should Be Required to Attend Classes. Others Believe That Going to Classes Should Be Optional for Students. Which Point of View Do You Agree with?

Topics: Higher education, Education, University Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: February 28, 2012
People have long debated on whether or not students should be compelled to attend classes. In my opinion, class attendance should be optional for them. One of the reasons for that is the self-study ability of university students. The purpose of higher education is making students qualified enough to receive qualifications. If a student can self-study to pass all the required exams, he is qualified. With all the materials available on the Internet and library, a student can do so actually. Therefore, he doesn’t necessarily attend classes. In higher education, people should focus on the result rather than the process. Thus, the importance is not how they do everyday at classes but how they perform in the exams. In short, attending classes regularly shouldn’t be compulsory for students.

In addition, students may spend time gaining experience since they are still at school. The competition in the job market is getting fiercer and fiercer. If students have only academic knowledge got from classes, they will definitely fail in the race for well-paid employments. On the contrary, with practical experience collected from part-time jobs and other work, students could get the upper hand in seeking good jobs. I still remember a girl of my brother’s university class who attended classes regularly, reading all the textbooks carefully. After graduating, she barely managed to find a modest job. Conversely, my brother, with practical skills and experience from his part-time jobs, easily gained a good position in a bank. After all, spending time wisely working during their time at university can facilitate graduates at their beginning in the career.

Finally, students are already adults. As adults, they should hold responsibility for what they do. Students are no longer children for educators to force them sitting in classes obediently. If they find it unnecessary to go to classes, they could stay at home or do something else. Then if their academic achievements get worse,...
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