Some People Believe That University Students Should Be Required to Attend Classes; Others Believe That Going to Classes Should Be Optional to Students, Which One Do You Agree?

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Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes; others believe that going to classes should be optional to students, which one do you agree?

Nowadays people discuss whether or not students should be compelled to attend classes. By the time a person enters university, he is responsible for his own decisions and behavior. Although attending classes might have a lot of benefits but I think it is up to each individual to decide how to manage his time. Having compulsory classes for university students has both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the situation. As a current student studying at Tabriz medical university, I can easily see the pros and cons of either having compulsory classes, or allowing classes to be optional.

It is obvious that professors are so experimented and can easily teach students how to study informations.If students decide not attend classes, they could miss these valuable informations and become less motivated. University is not merely about gaining or improving your knowledge, by attending classes students not only get the information, they can learn how they can cooperate and how they can work in a team, so if students do not take part in classes, they may have some social problems in their future job.

We should not forget the self study ability of university students. Some students can easily get the informations by reading the related textbooks. Students are already adults. Students are no longer children to force them sitting in classes. At university, students have to learn how to live independently and responsibly. Thus, they should be allowed to decide whether or not they attend classes regularly. However, as independent and responsible adults, university students have a greater understanding about their education and their learning needs. Students are able to plan out exactly what they need to study and when, and if a class does not fit in with their plan, then it would be a waste...
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