Some Malaysian Parents Prefer Their Children to Pursue Their Studies Abroad but Most Malaysians Choose to Continue Their Tertia

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Education is fundamental for a student to get a better paying job in future. Education determines the standard of living for an individual. Some Malaysian parents prefer their children to pursue their further studies abroad. But, most Malaysians wish to continue their tertiary education locally. In my stand, studying locally is better than studying abroad.

Firstly, studying locally is more affordable. For example, students prefer to study in a local university like University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) because the tuition fees and the living expenses are less expensive. Moreover, students can always take on a part time job to support themselves.

Furthermore, studying locally is more convenient in many different aspects. We can maintain a regular close contact with our families. Should they get into certain troubles or simply face too much stress, their parents will be able to give them support as well as words of encouragement. Also, studying locally allows them to interact with other locals easily. This allows them to carry out researches more easily. Besides, students can have more insights about Malaysian culture.

Some people might say that studying abroad will promise better prospects in future. However, having an overseas certificate is not a guarantee for a greater job opportunity. This is because employers are not only looking at credentials but they look for other characteristics such as diligence, commitment as well as self-discipline in an employee.

In conclusion, studying locally is better than studying abroad because it is more affordable for Malaysians and more convenient for students to maintain a close contact with their families.


Tertiary education has become vital to improve our standard of living. Deciding to study abroad or locally does affect a student in many ways. In my opinion, studying locally would be a better choice.

Firstly, Malaysians opt to continue their tertiary education locally as it is cost-saving. Studying locally is more affordable for the students who come from middle or lower class families. It is a burden for parents who fall in the lower income bracket to support their children to study abroad by paying the tuition fees, living expenses and air tickets. For example, the cost to finish an accounting degree course locally would be approximately RM40, 000 while studying abroad would incur at least RM250, 000. Thus, most Malaysians would rather choose to study locally.

Another reason is the standard of education is comparable to overseas studies. Our country has adopted the latest syllabus from reputed foreign higher institutions of learning. As a result, students can learn similar syllabus without studying abroad. Besides, the local universities offer state-of-the-art facilities, excellent teaching materials and qualified staff. Therefore, students can learn more efficiently by using the latest technology available.

I agree that the standard of education in certain countries is better compared to Malaysia but I think some of our students are not mentally prepared to study abroad. If the students are not able to adapt to the new environment, communication will be a limitation to the students and this will affect their group studies or assignments.

Based on the arguments, it is clearly seen that studying locally is definitely cheaper. Moreover, local education meets the expected standard of quality. With this, we can conclude that studying locally is a better option.


Some Malaysians prefer to pursue their studies abroad. However, most Malaysians opt to continue their tertiary education locally. In my opinion, studying abroad is better than studying locally.

Firstly, studying abroad offers the student a better exposure and experience. For example, he is able to fend for himself without parental...
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