Society Is a Conformist Environment with Technology

Topics: Technology, Science, Natural environment Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: September 2, 2013
English Essay Term 2 2013
“Society has become a drab, dark conformist environment where humans and nature have been exploited in order to sustain and promote technological development” Human disconnection from environments and people has become the norm in everyday society. The use of surrounding and society is being exploited due to the over use of modern technology. A dark and dull dystopian future is ahead for us if we continue to use technology this way, this will lead to isolation and loneliness and the lack of diversity and life skills in humans. The population of modern day society will begin to enter a dark and drab environment where conformity is expected if we continue to rely on technology. With the use of modern technology controlling life’s basic skills of communication and conducting relationships our basic social skills will be destroyed. With the media trying to model these skills from a screen that we sit in front of we won’t be learning about and to debate, discuss or express emotion. What the media is teaching us and what we need to know are very different outcomes. People will be afraid to show emotion, contest an opinion or ask for help if we continue to rely on technology. As seen in the short story ‘The Pedestrian’ by Ray Bradbury all of our basic skills are being lost to technology. Society will become detached from others because of the overuse of technology and a conformist society will mean no originality, no creativity and no new ideas on how to make our world a better place. The unsaid rules of conformity that everybody seems to follow will lead to manufactured personality and negative effects of peer pressure. How long will it be before people start to ask themselves if this is how they really want to live life? The exploitation of nature and humans is becoming more and more evident as time evolves. Having a social network in the current era is important as ever, in the work force it is not about ‘what you know’ it is about ‘who...
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