Social Media and Network Technology benefits for the College community and Students

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Social Media and Network Technology benefits for the College community and Students BIS/220
November 27, 2013
Social Media and Network Technology benefits for the College community and Students Technology is constantly changing and the younger generation is interacting and embracing this new technology at an accelerated rate. The younger generation enjoys having the world information at their fingertips and the immediate gratification of information. Colleges will need to embrace these new communities in order to keep up with recruitment of the younger generations, student to student interaction, student to professor interaction. Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the internet communities that we will need to embrace to encourage our recruitment and student interaction. Facebook has been around since 2004 and is still growing in popularity. Facebook gives you the availability to send an instant message, an email, post discussions, provide media, and provide detail information. Colleges that have a Facebook page and interact with Facebook has the ability to recruit sophomores and juniors in high schools not only in the surrounding areas but worldwide. This ability provides an advantage to have a more diverse student body. For young college students Facebook is a mean they utilize to communicate with other students about the activities going on in the campus. They also use this communication tool to converse about class assignments, organization functions, sports, and daily activities. Students who do not live on campus, Facebook allows them to still experience college life and the inclusion of student activities. College professors can also utilize this communication tool to correspond and interact with all students, including students who participate at satellite campuses. The surrounding community will also have the availability to interact with the students because they will be able to show the students the history of the area, and support the...

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