Social and Biological Factors on Individuals

Topics: Social influence, Alcoholic beverage, Sociology Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Social and biological factors have a large impact on individuals by triggering specific behaviors. These factors have a social effect, where changes occur depending on the people that surround them, and biological effects, which depend on their genetics, hormones, etc.

Body weight, is the weight of a persons body. Biologically, the weight of a person may be based on their genetics, depending on their parent’s traits that were passed down to them. Such as a kid, that is a newborn to two obese people who reproduced. His genes were then ‘designed’ to gain wait in an automatic and casual way. Giving him the tendency to get fatter, than other of his peers. Socially, a person might base their body weight by social influences in order to obtain conformity. Just as girls have always felt the pressure to be skinny so they can ‘fit in’. Although sometimes it gets out of hand and they end up having eating disorders, and changing by normative social influences. But then again, sometimes, the term of conformity has more meaning than the essentiality of a human’s health.

Perception is a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present. Biologically, the perceptions might get triggered depending on the hormones and neurotransmitters that are traveling the body. For example, a two year old will see beautiful women as a bunch of girls in his world. While a 19 year old will feel a physical attraction towards them. Socially, the opinions of a certain human might change due to their groups perceptions. Maybe a teenager finds a girl really attractive and starts to date her. But when his friends see her and they have a rather pessimistic perception, they might force him to blow her off.

Alcoholism is the abuse of alcoholic beverages . Biologically, things might end up being more drastic to people with an alcoholic parent, than those with perfectly healthy ones. For that kids genes have an influence on the parents desire to...
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