Smaller and Smaller Circles

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Smaller and Smaller Circles
4 Main Characters of the Story:
Fr. Augusto Saenz (Gus) – The old priest who is an expert in autopsy and was the mentor of Fr. Jerome Lucero. He was asked by the Director to help him in dealing with the murder case in Payatas.  Fr. Jerome Lucero – The companion of Fr. Saenz in dealing with the case. He was a very smart student who is now a psychologist and at the same time, a priest. Alejandro Carlos (Alex) – The serial killer of the story who was molested during his high school days by Mr. Isabelo Gorospe, his former P.E. teacher, because of his incapability of coping up with the group. Benjamin Arcinas – The lawyer and the one handling the police force in seizing the suspect from his multiple serial killing.

Other Minor Characters:
Joanna Bonifacio and Leo (her cameraman) 
Wally Soler and Manny
The Director
Flora Carlos (mother) and his Father
Isabelo Gorospe

Setting of the Story:
The story took place in the parts of Manila and in Payatas where the corpses of the victims were found. The year was about 2000 onwards because there were some exact dates mentioned in the story like for the case of the killing and the molestation of Alex, etc.

Conflict of the Story:
There are a lot of conflicts in the story especially for the part of Alex Carlos. The person is forced to be special in the eyes of other well in fact he/she doesn’t want to be special. The trauma of a person can either lead to a state of psychological disorder or in the state of coma where he/she knows nothing anymore which Alex was turned into a serial killer. He kills just to get his wish to be ordinary like the others.

We can also see the struggles of Fr. Saenz and Lucero in solving the case VS Mr. Arcinas who believes that his men are better (the church VS the government). Arcinas’ men think that they don’t need the help of both Fr. Saenz and Fr. Lucero. Eventually, they merged up/ worked as one after the seventh victim was killed.

Between Fr. Saenz and Alex Carlos, we cans see the conflict between them like the predator trying to capture his/her prey. A father lecturing his child into giving-up what’s bad and turn into the light but he refuses because there’s nothing left of him anymore and his life is now meaningless like a scar that’s lightened by the moonlight but still remains the same.

Language of the Story:
The language of the story was very similar with the western crime scenes and forensic investigations but in a Filipino environment and Filipino characters. The zest of adding Filipino languages just strengthens that it’s an original Filipino writing well in fact it just traces the same elements of the westerns.

The originality that can be only from the book is the way they say serial killers in the Philippines doesn’t exist and the two priest are trying to prove that they really exist and we must be aware of it and that the materials in our country really lacks the technology in solving crime scenes because the laboratories and chemical substance, computers and other important things are not fully provided by the government. 

Summary of the Story:
The story started in the Payatas area where they found out that there was a serial killer living there. He killed children who were about twelve to fourteen years of age during every first Saturday of the month. Father Emil, the priest in Payatas, asked help from Father Gus Saenz to lead them his support in solving the mystery. The Director also asked him to use his skills in finding clues and hard evidences to end the killing. Together with Fr. Jerome Lucero, they both try to crack the case and search for the unknown into leading them to their suspect.

At first, it was difficult to join up with Mr. Arcinas, the head of the police, but eventually he was awakened by the mistake he had done because of the wrong suspect that they had captured who was Crading the burglar. With the help of Mr. Arcinas, they now know who the killer...
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