Side Effects of Technology in Modern Society

Topics: Social media, Game, Psychology Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: May 22, 2013
We as Americans are becoming increasingly lazy and gradually isolating ourselves from our everyday surroundings due to technology. Technology is detrimental to society by corrupting our minds and consuming our lives.

Although technology allows us to efficiently communicate with one another and helps to make life a little amenable, it has made the population alarmingly lazy. Instead of going outside to play with friends in the beautiful fresh outdoors, one would simply stay shut in the confines of their house checking the latest YouTube craze or updating their meaningless status. Someone can get entertainment without ever leaving the couch in the form of a television show or movie. Yes, one might say that it is good to relax, sit back, and enjoy a simple television show, but as Americans, we tend to overindulge in leisurely things. Instead of the recommended one to two hours of television a day, the average person watches five to six hours a day. Now this may not seem like a lot but that totals to 2,007 hours per year opposed to 547 hours, which is 109 percent more than recommended. Such high levels of technology use coincide with obesity rates, due to the facts that instead of playing sports and being healthy, children are playing video games and becoming more and more lazy. This dilatoriness is a tremendous issue; however, another concern is the isolation from civilization that technology causes.

Children, parents, and citizens of society are progressively becoming detached from the world, people around them, and even their own lives. Instead of getting to hug a family member after a long trek to their residence, one can simply shoot them a quick text message with little or no emotion or thought put into the matter. Social media has made communication so easy that one does not have to directly talk to other people anymore. It has been shown that a volume of individuals that have an abundance of friends on social media websites such as Facebook or...
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