Short Case Study Moosehead University

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Short Case Study # 1 - Madness Moosehead University

As the consulting job analyst to Moosehead University, prepare an intake evaluation report that contains your recommended steps and sequencing of activities to conduct this work analysis. List the various stakeholders you will consult, indicate specific methods and techniques you will employ in successfully completing this contractual assignment.

The purpose of this evaluation report is to implement performance indicators for faculty members and professors, and to elaborate a document or guide to help the Moosehead University update their employee’s jobs descriptions and specifications. Also, this job analysis will enable HR personnel to effectively manage a variety of activities such as career progression, training, development, promotion, compensation, enhancing job performance, quality of teaching, accountability and other management related organizational requirements.

In order to elaborate an in dept evaluation, there will be a variety of steps and activities to conduct this work analysis: 1. Review the current descriptions and specifications for each job, in this case, the Senate document that has three areas of duties: Teaching

Research and Scholarly activities

2. Interview faculty members, professors other individuals who are in the job under evaluation (Dr. Hamish Haberdashery (VP Academic), Dr. Carla Climber (President), Dr. Melinda Muckabout (VP Administration), students) and in other related areas 3. Have the faculty members and professors complete a questionnaire that will contain information such as education, training, skills requirements to be successful in the job, responsibilities, cognitive or physical demands, working conditions, hours of work, types of courses, number of students, level of courses ( introductory, advanced, undergraduate, graduate, delivery methods (live, online, recording), degree of teaching. If they performed research or...
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