Serial Killers Essay

Topics: Serial killer, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer Pages: 3 (1124 words) Published: February 12, 2014

The Point of No Return: Serial Killers and Their Tendencies
Serial killers are and always have been a sick, evil, monstrosity towards the rest of society. They can usually trace back their behavior to a singular event or time in their lives that sparked an idea full of bloodshed, sorrow, and torn-apart families. There are different types of killers, ranging in age from adolescents to geriatrics. And they can have poor I.Q’s or be listed as geniuses. The diversity in such a monstrosity is overwhelming at times, but even still, they all manage to share similar characteristics and tendencies. There are multiple types of killers but they typically fall into 3 main groups: medical killers, organized killers, and disorganized killers (Berit Brogaard). Medical Killers are considered to be the rarest types of serial killers in the so called “killer industry”. They are usually harder to catch than the other two because they know more about the medical field than the other two resulting in an easier to cover-up crime scene. They use their personal connections within the medical field to acquire chemicals, knowledge and equipment to then use on his or her victim. The organize killer is the kind that we typically see on all of the movies. They almost always premeditate each murder and cover all details carefully, making sure to not leave a trace of evidence behind. These killers will stalk their victims for days on end, maybe even weeks, or months, learning their every move as they lie and wait in the darkest depths of hell, looking for the best time to come out and kill their prey. More often than not, these killers have very high I.Q. levels, and they also have huge egos that love to watch news broadcasts about their crimes. The disorganized killer murders at random, caring little about hiding evidence or covering their tracks. They have one singular goal in mind, and that is to kill; it does not matter who, it is simply a matter of if they deem that person is fit to...

Cited: Brogaard, Berit Ph.D.; “Making Serial Killers”; 15 May 2013
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