Serial Killers

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Serial Killers
Report Writing

I. My Thesis
II. My Proposal
III. An abstract
My abstract will be a brief summary of my essay outlining a few serial killers known to the human race. IV. Introduction
My introduction will prepare my reader with an exciting subject that I hope will draw their interest to keep reading. V. Body
1. Serial Killer 1- Ted Bundy
2. Facts on Ted Bundy and the years before he became a serial killer 3. Other serial killers known in the US
VI. Body
1. Serial Killer 2- Gary Leon Ridgway
2. Facts on Gary Ridgway and the years before he became a serial killer VII. Conclusion
My conclusion will reiterate the main points or revisit the key themes that I have discussed in the main part of the essay. VIII. Bibliography
References and citations listed

My Thesis:
My thesis is about serial killers that start out at an early age with behavior problems and how those problems transform into being charged for over 3 or more murders. I will also be research into what may have triggered these actions of these men and how and why they lost their humanity. My Proposal:

My paper will explain past and current events on serial killers from start to their end. I will also be researching to understand how and why they lost their humanity and became monsters. A few serial killers that will be included into my paper are Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and so forth are some of the most famous cases. My resources and references will be provided by some web articles, the university library and my encyclopedia collection. I will also tell what they did and what charges they got for it.

Serial Killers
Did you know that you have to kill 3 people to be labeled a serial killer? I did not know this until I started my research on serial killers. I also found out that if someone kills 3 or more people at one time they are considered mass murderers and it still amazes me that some people have the guts to go through with it. The first documented serial killer was Herman Webster Mudgett also known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes. He is responsible for killing about 200 people. Then years later came Ted Bundy, The Zodiac Killer, Green River Murderer and John Wayne Gacy. They filled the United States city and county streets with fear of staying home alone or walking the streets at night. These people have done terrible things to others and we still today acknowledge them in our history books today. Ted Bundy was one of the first notorious serial killers in the world. Before he was executed, he confessed to killing 30 young females in seven states. Shocking as this may be, he decapitated 12 of those victims and his true number of kills is still unknown. Before Ted Bundy became a serial killer he was the son of a single mother until she married. Ted’s mother reported in an interview about her son saying that by the time he was 3 years of age he became fascinated with knives. Growing up with several other siblings in a working-class family Ted was shy and smart but didn’t have any friends. Many believed that Ted started his killing spree shortly after his college girlfriend broke up with him. Every attractive female student victim with long, dark hair he killed because they resembled her. Before Bundy was executed by the state he never admitted to the acts he was charged with but he did in fact talk about them as though he watched someone else do it. He tells how "someone" performing kidnappings, rapes, and murders might go about it and how that person might act under these circumstances. Bundy showed a side of himself that no one had ever seen. Most people see him to be clever, insightful, and intelligent-far from how most would picture a psychosexual killer. Although many serial killers get caught, they never get caught without causing so much death. Some do get away like the known serial killer “The Zodiac Killer”. He purposely played games with the local police by sending them puzzles to solve and...

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