Serial Killer Typology

Topics: Murder, Ted Bundy, Serial killer Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: September 9, 2012
There are four Basic Factors in classification of serial murders. First is behavioral background where Basic sources are looked at sources are important in the origins of multicidal behaviors: persisting culture of violence that is accompanied by continuous change in the nature of society-individual relations. And the other is in patterns of early development and interaction in the family setting, this is the major causes of criminal behavior, motive, and behavior orientation. Next is their victims, these are categorized into traits, selection, and relationship pattern, then methods and patterns are looked at such as process-focused versus the act focused, the planned versus the spontaneous, and the organized event versus the disorganized event, then the locations of murders, whether they are concentrated or dispersed through an area. Finally we look at the four types of serial killers are the Visionary type, the mission-oriented type, the hedonistic type, and the power/control-oriented type. The visionary type: This category includes those serial killers whose homicides are committed in response to voices or visions that demand that a person or a category of persons be destroyed. For some, the voice r vision is perceived to be that of a demon or evil force; for others their killing is in response to a directive from God. For example the “Red Demon” killer decapitated or stabbed four elderly women because a red demon within would give him peace of mind only if he killed. The perpetration of lethal violence is legitimized by the vision that the killer has experienced. The visionary type will be more out of touch with reality than the others and will usually be labeled as psychotic due to the voices and visions. The mission-oriented type: This category typically has a conscious goal of eliminating a particular group or category of people. This type sees no visions and hears no voices. This type of killer will go on a mission to rid the world of category of people...
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