Science- a Curse or a Boom?

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Technology, Earth Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: July 9, 2013
Today, all of us are leading a fast paced life. Saving time has become the main motif of every individual. We all have become impatient and restless. The reason behind all these is nothing but the advancement of the society and the new scientific inventions that has made our life more comfortable. A lot of debates has been held on whether scientific inventions are a curse or a boom. The truth is, it is both. 

Scientific inventions have made our life fast and easy. Due to the advancement of science and technology, getting information regarding everything under the sun and around it, has became a very simple thing. In just one click of a button, we are capable of gathering knowledge about the world. An invention in the field of Internet, information technology, medicines, agriculture, education, communication and transportation has changed our life completely. 

If we think the other way round, we cannot deny the fact that scientific inventions have been a curse too. Invention of powerful weapons and nuclear bombs has posed as a threat to the mankind. In addition to that, a scientific invention like the Internet is also considered to be a threat. Yes, we are talking about the cyber crimes which have become very common in the world of Internet. When we talk of technological inventions, we cannot ignore its ill effects on children. The kids are getting more used to high profile gadgets and slowly their focus on books and games are getting shifted. Not only that, they are also getting exposed to inappropriate contents through the Internet which is affecting their mental health. 

All we can say about science is, it’s a different world. Every single thing in this world has its own share of pros and cons and the same thing is applicable to scientific inventions. If science has the capability to construct something, it also possesses the power to destroy everything. 

Science has made our world so dirty ,the industrialists are throwing their waste off in rivers,...
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