Science and Technology: Advantages and Disadvantages of Technological Advances

Topics: Technology, Extinction, Science Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Science and Technology essay – Advantages and disadvantages of technological advances

Technology has been progressing at an astonishingly rapid rhythm, and it has been changing our lives in a scaring way. In the future, our lives might change even more, with several benefits and dangers of technological advances. Everything evolves around 3 concepts: technology, science and future. So now arises the question: will this technology advance make society better or worse off? On the one hand, several benefits will make society better off. For example, advances in cosmetic surgery will lead to people being highly satisfied with their personal appearance and happiness among society will be increased. For example, people that feel ugly and can’t find a couple will now be able do it with facial metamorphosis, and they won’t be depressed anymore. In conclusion, society’s welfare and happiness will be increased by cosmetic surgery. Another example is genetically modified food. The ability to modify the food’s gens will allow crops to grow faster. This will lead to higher amounts of food being produced at lower prices. As a consequence, world’s hunger rates will be dramatically reduced, with higher nutrition rates taking place. In conclusion, genetically modified food will affect positively human hunger and nutrition rates. Lastly, human lives will also be benefited by another important technological advancement: animal clonation. Species extinction will be reduced or even stopped, as well as hunger rates to the increase in supply of food. To sum up, animal clonation will solve some of the key issues which are actually part of the world’s daily agenda. Overall, human life will be changed in a very positive way by advancements such as the mentioned before and some actual key issues won’t exist anymore.

However, technology might also bring severe dangers to human life, being society’s welfare not maximized and in a very extreme case, humans might be extinct. An example...
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