Science and Technologies

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Science and Technologies.

With the advent of future developments in science and technology, we will assign more and more decision making to machines. At present this is evident in military systems in which electronic sensors maintain the ideal flight characteristics in advanced aircraft. The capacities of computers today exceed five hundred trillion bits of information per second. The complexity of today's civilization is far too complex for human systems to manage without the assistance of electronic computers. Computers of today are relatively primitive compared to those that will evolve in the future. Eventually the management of social systems will call for require electronic sensors interconnected with all phases of the social sequences thus eliminating the need for politics.

Today modern industrial plants have built in automatic inventory systems, which order materials such as bearings and other mechanical replacements well in advance

People became accustomed to live surrounded by the things that make their lives easier and more comfortable. When we look back at previous centuries and especially at the 20th century we focus on wonderful events: trains, cars, planes making distance shorter; rockets taking people out into space; our homes and offices taken over by successive waves of electronic equipment, including telephones, TVs, faxes, computers, cell phones, Internet facilities, and electronic liberties. Scientific and technological achievements follow so called folklore “science” which lays foundation for genuine science. For example, common people predicted planes or television in the fairy tales flying carpets or mirrors that show other lands and people.

Many fairy tale dreams came true, and the emergence of television proves this. Television has grown up all over the world, enabling nearly every country to share aspects of its culture and society with others. Practically every country in the world now has at least one...
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