Scenarios Analysis Heineken

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Scenarios analysis

1. Challenge: Consumers who do not have time to drink, but still wants to enjoy beer. Recommendation: Consumers are going to buy a beer tender, because a beer tender can give the consumers an opportunity to tap their own beer and it will gives the consumers the feeling that they are in the pub, bars an clubs. Scenario: People enjoy drinking again, even they have no time to go out.

2.Challenge: Consumers are growing more and more health conscious and alcohol consist a lot calorie which makes people gain weight. These could sway consumers to drink other alcoholic beverages. Recommendation: Consumers have to buy “Heineken premium Light” with a smaller can size. This “Heineken premium Light” beer is with less calorie. Scenario: With “Heineken premium Light” beer consumers will drink Heineken beer and not other beverages.

3.Challenge: There is a trend for product development such as flavored beers; these are favored by a younger generation who drink flavored alcoholic soft drinks. Consumers flavor change time by time. Recommendation: To find out what kind of flavor the consumers want. Scenario: To corporate with other company and to find out what the consumers want. This will get a step closer to the goal. Knowing what they want will reduce the cost and you will know how to promote the needs.

4.Challenge: Let the young drinkers know what alcohol the effects of alcohol could be. Recommendation: Campaign with the slogan “Enjoy Heineken Responsibly” Scenario: When young drinkers and other consumers see the campaign with the slogan “Enjoy Heineken Responsibly” they will think twice what the effect of alcohol could be.

5.Challenge: New kind of beer for under aged consumers.
Recommendation: a “Child beer”. This child beer will be a mixed beer with 7up. Scenario: If you sell this kind of beer, then you will attract/create a new market. Unfortunately, Heineken does not have this kind of beer yet
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