Sam Houston State University Is a Good University with an Easy Admission Process, Well Rounded Academic Opportunities, and Good Social Opportunities.

Topics: Sam Houston State University, Fraternities and sororities, Huntsville, Texas Pages: 5 (1907 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Deciding which college to go to is one of the hardest decisions for a senior in high school to make. Some people know where they want to go right away because they are either huge fans of the college, got a full ride scholarship there, or maybe liked the program for their major at that particular college. High school seniors must do a lot of research on the colleges they like so that they can narrow down their choices. The research they must do is to look for how much it will cost to get in to the college and the other things that must be paid. For example, the tuition is a requirement for all colleges. Others that must be paid are things like books, supplies, residence halls, and meal plans. There are several other different ways that a person can decide where they want to go. Getting into a college isn’t all fun and games; there are many processes that the incoming freshmen must go through to get into their school. A school that many students have looked into is Sam Houston State University. Many students worry about the admissions of getting into a college, but SHSU admissions is a very easy process to go through. When the student gets admitted into Sam Houston, they then have to be advised. Advising helps the incoming freshmen with what classes they need to take and what they want to major in. Sam Houston has a great doctoral program and the two that are very high ranked in Texas are the Criminal Justice and Education program. Many people choose to go to SHSU because of these programs. Students aren’t just looking for good academic opportunities though, they also are looking for a good social life. They will want to take some time off from studying and doing school work and will want to go out and be a part of different things on campus. Greek life and recreational sports are well known at SHSU and are joined by many students. These activities keep students social, active and healthy. This is a good university with an easy admission process, well rounded academic opportunities, and good social opportunities.

Admission into Sam Houston is quite easy to do and is very specific. Incoming freshmen must pay a forty-five dollar application fee in order to apply. This application fee is required for almost all colleges in Texas and if this is not paid then the student will not be able to apply. One other requirement for admission is to get at least an 850 on the SAT or at least a 17 on the ACT (“Sam”). If these scores are not reached or higher than a student will not be accepted. Also, a transcript from the students’ former high school must be shown. This provides a record of the students past grades from ninth to twelfth grade. Transcripts are helpful to colleges because it helps them decide whether their grades are good enough to get in to their university. It also helps the university decide what classes to place the student in. Soon after the students turn in their transcripts and are accepted, the costs and fees to attend SHSU start to show up. The payments to get into Sam Houston are a major priority for incoming freshmen to understand and research about. There are several different costs that students must pay and they can turn out to be a high price. One of the costs that all college students struggle to pay for is the tuition fee. This fee is mandatory to be paid by all incoming students. Other fees that have to be paid at SHSU are books, supplies, residence halls, and meal plans. Many professors require students to have books for their classes, so students must save up money to buy them so they can keep up with their classes. Supplies are always required ever since elementary days, so it does not come as a surprise for students to buy these beforehand. Most supplies can be found cheap so students can afford them. Residence life and meal plans are fees that have to be paid so that the students can have a place to live while being in Huntsville and be able to eat all three meals every day. Residence halls or dorms...

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