Rough Draft Academic Advising

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Every new college student is usually nervous about what awaits them. There is so much to figure out including what your degree is going to be and what classes you need to take. It can be overwhelming and having guidance could be one of the best things to help you start on the right track. Academic Advisors are employed at every college and each student is assigned one their first year.

College Advisors

The role of faculty in academic advising dates back to 1841, when Kenyon College stipulated that each student must select a faculty member to be an advisor (Harrison, 2009) Every undergraduate student is assigned to a College advisor that they will have for the next four years while on campus. Advisors introduce and assist students with their transitions to the academic world by helping them see value in the learning process, gain perspective on the college experience, become more responsible and accountable, set priorities and evaluate their progress, and uphold honesty, encourage self-reliance, develop lifelong learning and self-management skills (Hughey, 2011). Advisors should be able to successfully communicate with students and be able to develop a positive relationship with them. They should engage students as much as possible to keep them involved and motivated in pursing their education. During your first year your Advisor should help you select your core courses and discuss your major with you. If you have already selected your major they then can help you fit in those courses you need with your core ones. Advisors should help you schedule your classes in a way that will benefit you and not overload you. Besides just your classes your advisor should also be able to help you with internships, clubs, fraternities and sororities, etc. Academic advising requires engaging students to think critically about their academic choices and make effective plans for their education (Schulenberg & Lindhorst, 2008). Advisors...
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