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Topics: Alcoholic beverage, 21st century, Drug addiction Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: March 13, 2013
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The subject in which I have chosen to get rid of in the 21st century is alcohol. A lot of people may think alcohol is great, so what do they do? Drink it. Some people that drink alcohol don’t fully know what it does to them. On the other hand, others may think differently, to support this I have two different people’s views. “Personally I don’t like alcohol because my dad was an alcoholic and my parents divorced because of it. However, there is help people can get; I just don’t know why they don’t get it.” This quote could be explaining that too much alcohol in the body can affect the way you treat others, such as your family or friends. “It depends on how much you drink” This quote also explains matters about conflict and what happens to you physically and mentally, you do and say a lot of things under the influence of alcohol. A researcher surveyed one hundred people. 45% said that alcohol is fine and is no harm to anyone around us. 55% of the surveyed people agreed that alcohol is dangerous and shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Alcohol can give you serious damage, such as brain damage, damage to all your important organs. People who drink alcohol day in day out are more unlikely to know what it does to them and also why it does this. There are many advertisements on the television to say think before you step into the next pub, alcohol is like a drug it can be addictive and you want to have more. I think alcohol is only relevant if you are celebrating a certain holiday like Christmas or a birthday. It slows down your responses and slurs your speech; this only happens if you drink at one time. It takes time to become an alcoholic. The behaviour of some people can also be a big intake on someone who isn’t drunk and if you start conflict they are more likely to attack back at you but they will be more forceful, you could wake up in the morning wondering where you are and what you’re doing in that place (For all you know you could be in...
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