Rome Innovations

Topics: Technology, Neolithic, Stone Age Pages: 1 (578 words) Published: May 29, 2014
 The most significant innovations from the beginning of the Palaeolithic Age to the end of the Neolithic Age are; the utilization of fire, tools, potters and shelters. I will be discussing how these four innovations have been advanced through the years, and their importance in our society Fire is one of the major technological advances in human evolution, and has been advanced throughout years. The creation of fire is what led to heaters, ovens and microwaves. It has improved and made the lives of humans easier and convenient. Back then, humans helped one another to start a fire, and used it as a source of warmth, and protection. This made the communities connect and work as a team, to maintain the source. Fire was produced by using bricks, woods, and stones. It wasn’t exchanged, but groups of people shared the source all together. The invention of the use of fire is what led to potters. According to the American Society for Testing and Materials, Potters are “all fired ceramic wares that contain clay when formed, except technical, structural, and refractory products”. In the time of the Stone Age, Potters were used as a source of holding items. It was a way to carry water, and food. It was mainly used when individuals were cooking; its purpose was to hold the food being cooked. Without the use of fire, the idea of creating potters would not have been thought of. Communities back then shared potters and distributed to one another if they needed it. Furthermore, another very important innovation is the tools which were used back in the days. Tools helped people to hunt, cut, build shelter and make things. According to Archaeologists, some of the tools used in the Stone Age were; daggers, spears which were used for hunting. Hand axes and choppers, which were used for cutting up meat. Without this innovation, some of the equipments we use to make/build things would not have existed, such as; screw drivers, nails...etc The creation of tools...
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