Role of Ict in Education

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6th Oct - 19 Oct, 2008

Volume 4, Issue 12

A Fortnightly publication from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor

PS Opens Phase II of the Arts Complex
he Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Prof. Karega Mutahi o ff i c i a l l y o p e n e d K e n y a t t a University Phase II of the Arts Complex on September 26th, 2008. The Phase II of the Arts Complex constructed at the cost of Ksh. 39 million has 69 offices to be used by Deans, Chairmen and Lecturers from various schools, one lecture room, one hall, two seminar rooms, and one computer laboratory. The offices will enable lecturers and students to interact in a favorable environment to enhance learning. The construction of Phase II of the Arts Complex was done in-house by Kenyatta University in a record time of 11 months. Phase I of the complex was completed last year. “The introduction of performance target setting is meant to enhance and add value to the operating systems and Kenyatta University is an excellent example of this,” the Permanent Secretary said. The Permanent Secretary noted that the rapid globalization of world economies has accelerated the need for high level of human resource to ensure and sustain global competitiveness. Prof. Mutahi added that “what gets measured gets done and becomes pertinent to whatever we do or plan to do.” The Permanent Secretary said that


Education PS, Professor Karega Mutahi cuts the tape to declare phase II of the Arts Complex officially opened.

Kenyatta University is a practical example of how setting clear targets, hard work, dedication and commitment can bring positive change in the education sector especially in public universities.” K e n y a t t a U n i v e r s i t y Vi c e Chancellor, Prof. Olive Mugenda commended the Government of Kenya for funding part of the

construction of the Arts Complex. The Permanent Secretary also commended Kenyatta University Council and the Management led by the Chairman, Prof. Onesmo ole MoiYoi, and the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olive Mugenda, respectively for the efficiency and accountability they have demonstrated in the utilization of

funds made available to the University by various partners. Prof. Mutahi also commended Kenyatta University staff and students for their cooperation and unity in purpose which has enabled the University to realize notable positive changes especially in the last two and half years.

US Ambassador Visits Kenyatta University
enyatta University hosted US Ambassador to Kenya, His Excellency Michael Ranneberger on September 17th, 2008. During his visit, the Ambassador paid a courtesy call to the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Olive Mugenda where he also met with the Kenyatta University Council Chairman, Prof. Onesmo ole MoiYoi. Ambassador Ranneberger also visited Kenyatta University Radio Station, KU 99.9 FM where


he answered questions from the students on Kenya/USA relations, USA election 2008 and opportunities available in the USA for Kenyan students. The peak of the Ambassador's visit to the University was a public lecture (town hall meeting as known in the USA) where he addressed more than two thousand students and staff of Kenyatta University. Continued on page 6

US Ambassador to Kenya, His Excellency Michael Rannerberger, addresses The KU Fraternity during a recent public lecture.

6th Oct - 19 Oct, 2008

Volume 4,3, Issue 12 Volume Issue 12

Editor’s Desk
This is one of the most diversified issues of the newsletter and has something for people of all interests. The Arts complex phase II was duly opened by the Permanent Secretary, Professor Karega Mutahi. This complex provides not only extra office space but our new pride and joy, the KU 99.9 FM. The latter was graced by a visit and interviews with H.E. The U.S Ambassador Ranneberger. He leafed praise on the record if K.U. students and staff who have established a great reputation in the U.S.A. Indeed, a disproportionate members of K.U. Staff are U.S. Trained. And...

Links: KU Hosts Peace and Reconciliation Workshop
rom the 15th September to the 19th September, 2008, KU in collaboration with Virginia Technology University facilitated a workshop on the theme, Peace, Building, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
6th Oct - 19 Oct, 2008
Volume 4,3, Issue 12 Volume Issue 12
6th Oct - 19 Oct, 2008
Volume 4, Issue 12
6th Oct - 19 Oct, 2008
Volume 4, Issue 12
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