Robots: Future Technologies and How They Will Effect Us

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Robots: Future Technologies and How They Will Effect Us
Robots: Future Technologies and How They Will Effect Us.

What will life be like in fifty years? Will our home life be more comfortable? Will our jobs become easier? Will our health become better due to new technology? It is most likely to turn out this way. According to scientist, robots will be doing our yard work, taking over some of our jobs, and monitoring our health on a daily basis. Does this sound unbelievable? This might just be the kind of world our grandchildren will grow up in.

It's hard not to think about having our lives changed by the introduction of these new gadgets. As for the household aspect, computers will make our daily drudgery of housework dramatically more interesting. In the next decade robots should be cleaning our floors, mowing our lawns, and even cleaning our pools at the touch of a button. Who can imagine what advancements the next fifty years will bring.

Home life is not the only thing that will be effected by the growth of technology. Jobs will go from spine busting manual labor to sitting behind a control panel. An example of this might be a HVAC system on a large office building. Technology will probably advance to the point of micro chips being placed into their systems, and when a problem is detected a signal we be sent to eliminating not only the problem, but also hours in manual troubleshooting. "Experts say that manual labor will be all together eliminated by the year 2050."(Reed 3) The teaching profession will also be drastically effected. Electronic books could replace textbooks and even teachers. The transportation industry will also see a decrease in human workers. With the use of magnetic tracks, and computer driven shuttles and busses people will be transported safely and more efficient then humans ever could.

Health could be one of the most important subjects for the future, it is also the most advanced. Our health will have the ability to...
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