Road Safety Speech

Topics: Driving under the influence, Road, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: August 21, 2012
Hello, I’m a specialist in Road Safety Education and currently work for the Roads and Traffic Authority or the RTA. I have been asked to inform all of you about the responsibility of the driver and passenger in terms of their behaviour, some factors influencing road-use behaviour, major factors in road and traffic-related injuries, consequences of unsafe road-use behaviour and the skills and attitudes necessary to support safe road behaviour.

As a driver, there are certain responsibilities in which you have to recognise for example, wearing a seatbelt and following speed limits. The many responsibilities are placed upon the driver to ensure they are followed, hence having a safe and smooth trip. Some examples of responsibilities of the driver include scanning for hazards, not using mobile phones, taking regular breaks and being wary of road and weather conditions. One responsibility I’d like to go into depth is, is driving under the influence of drugs. Did you know that 37% of drivers killed in 2010 had drugs in their system? [1] This sign shows some symptoms of commonly used drugs and goes to show that drugs can impact how you drive and can jeopardise the safety of passengers.

Passengers also require to behave in particular ways whilst being driven by the driver. They must scan for hazards and alert drivers of any risks, also wear seatbelts, perform tasks for the driver and share the driving if travelling long distances. Along with these, passengers must always keep the driver calm and not make unreasonable demands of the driver as this risks the driver’s and your safety due to the driver being distracted. Statistics show that crash risks are nearly double with one passenger and increase even more with each additional passenger at young ages. [2] This is shown in the graph.

Speeding and alcohol consumption are some of the major contributors to road and traffic-related injuries. In the year 2000 over 720 people were either injured or killed due to drink...
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