Rights and responsibilities of a university student

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Rights are legal, social and ethical principles of
freedom or entitlement; that is,
Rights are the fundamental normative rules
about what is allowed of people or owed to
people, according to some legal systems,
social convention or ethical theory.
Rights are essential pillars of any society.

Rights of a university student
Students have the right to free inquiry
expression and association.
Students have the right to representation on
the appropriate, designated bodies.
Students accused of misconduct or of violating
university policy have the right to have a
determination of their violation or nonviolation in accordance with university procedures.

Rights of a university student cont…
Students have the right to protection against
improper disclosure of their student records.
Students have the right of access to their
personal educational records.
Students have the right to access all policies,
rules and decisions concerning their continued
enrollment, and to the required course
materials and facilities necessary to pursue
their studies.

Rights of a university student cont…
Students have the right to educational
programs that meet the objectives of the
master syllabus, to teaching consistent with
those objectives, and to a learning
environment that encourages the students'
engagement with their education.
Students have the right to be informed by the
faculty near the beginning of each course
about course requirements, evaluation
procedures, and evaluation criteria to be used,
and the right to expect that those criteria be

Rights of a university student cont…

Students have the right to be evaluated solely on
relevant academic criteria and to request and receive
timely assessment of their academic work by the
instructor, or in the case of graduate students by their
Students have the right of complaint about academic
matters if they believe their rights have been violated.
When not covered by another policy, a complaint is
properly filed by presenting the issue first to the faculty
member. If not resolved, the student may take the issue
to the department chairperson. If not resolved at this
level, the student may take the complaint to the office
of the dean of the academic college.

In instances of disciplinary hearings based on
charges brought by the Dean of Students, the
student will have the following rights:
1. The right to receive from the Dean of Students a
clear notice of the alleged violation in
reasonable time to permit adequate preparation
of his or her defense.
2. The right to have his or her guilt or innocence
determined by an impartial panel.
3. The right to have an advisor present at the
4. The right to call witnesses and to introduce
evidence at the hearing.


 Responsibility is the state or fact of having a
duty to deal with something, or having control
over someone. It is also the state or fact of
being accountable or to blame for something.
 Responsibility is the opportunity or ability to act
independently and make decisions without
 Student responsibility occurs when students
take an active role in their learning by
recognizing they are accountable for their
academic success.

The basic responsibilities of the student
1. Respecting the rights of others.
2. Respecting the highest standards of academic
integrity and reporting any violations of those
standards to the dean of his or her school
or college or the Dean of Students for
appropriate investigation and disposition.
3. Respecting the property of others, and the
property, equipment, facilities, and programs
of the University.

Responsible behaviors cont…

4. Refraining from actions that endanger the health, safety, or welfare of oneself, any member of the University
community or its guests.
5. Complying with the normative standards, rules, and
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